What does Summorum Pontificum mean?

Summorum Pontificum is the title of Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio in which he declares that the older form of the Roman Rite has never been abrogated and that it therefore should receive due honor and reverence on account of its antiquity and venerable tradition. This document establishes that the Traditional Mass can be celebrated by any priest of the Roman Rite, respecting certain norms, and also clarifies and directs the process by which the faithful can request this form of the Mass.


What will the conferences be about?

The theme of the conferences will focus on the richness of the liturgical, artistic, theological, and spiritual traditions of the Church. You can consult the complete schedule of events for more information.


Will there be a family discount?

We’re offering special pre-order prices for the local parishioners and the general public. Right from the beginning, we have tried to have the cost of the ticket be as low as possible, since our main goal is to have the most people be able to take advantage of all the very special conferences and liturgical activities that we will be hosting. Your ticket includes 2 meals, one dinner and coffee breaks, which are basically the main cost of the ticket. Please also consider that all of the speakers are coming from faraway places, which represents an increase in our operation costs, not to mention all the other expenses that are to be made when organizing such an important event as this international convention.

Can children attend?

If you decide to bring your children to the congress and you purchased their own ticket, your children will be able to attend different recreational activities which will be divided by age groups, under adult supervision. For example, for kids over 6 years old, there will be a Gregorian chant workshop. Please be aware that these options don’t apply for babies or toddlers, in which case they will have to remain under their parents’ supervision. These activities are planned for children that can be on their own under adult supervision.


What options are available if I can only attend the convention partially?

We will have a Saturday-only ticket option, but you will have to sign up in a waiting list. In the event that all the tickets for the whole event aren’t sold by a certain date, we will be able to offer this one day option.