The Summorum Pontificum Congress is a meeting with international scope to promote the traditional Catholic liturgy. This year would be the third instance of Summorum Pontificum and we will have the presence of his Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke to celebrate the first priestly ordination in the traditional rite in Mexico in many years.

The congress consists of Holy Mass (and this year we will have 3 pontifical Masses), traditional sacred music, excellent conferences, and conviviality.

We are looking for partners to sponsor the event and we offer the following packages.

  • Friends of Tradition – $ 1,000
  • Sponsor a priest or seminarian – $ 1,600
    Invite a priest or seminarian of his choice or sponsor one that we will invite.
  • Cardinal’s Godfather – $ 60,000
    (covering the expenses of his Eminence from Rome)
    Includes 2 tickets to the benefactors’ breakfast and 2 tickets to the congress and personal audience with Cardinal Burke.
    2 available
  • Godfather of the New Priest – $ 30,000
    Help with the expenses of his ordination and new ministry.
    Includes preferential place in the ordination and chant and invitation to receptions after each event
    4 available
  • Musical Godfather – $ 50,000
    Help with the expenses of the sacred music of the event and the development of the musical program of the apostolate.
    Includes 2 tickets to the congress, preferential place near the choir for the ordination mass, and the opportunity to have the choir at a mass or ceremony (depending on the terms).
    3 available
  • Vocational Sponsor – Applicant – $ 105,000
    Cover the expenses of training a candidate at Casa Cristo Rey for one year so that he can enter the seminary of the San Pedro Priestly Fraternity
  • Vocational Sponsor – Novice – $ 175,000
    Register a seminarian at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska USA for one year. (This amount represents the fee they ask for from the seminarians plus an amount for travel expenses. The fee represents approximately 1/3 of the total cost of hosting and training the seminarian.)
  • Silver – $ 5,000
    • 1/8 page advertisement in the congress program and ordination mass program and the company logo on the website.
  • Gold – 10,000
    • 1/4 page advertisement in the congress program and ordination mass program and the company logo on the website.
    • Logo on the awning of the conference venue.
    • Place to put merchandise and promotional information in the registration and hospitality area at Hacienda la Providencia (according to the terms)
  • Diamond – 50,000
    • All included in gold level
    • 2 tickets to the congress and benefactors breakfast
    • A table for your company in the reception area at Hacienda la Providencia
    • Most prominent place for your logo on the awning and website and your logo on the benefactors breakfast.
  • Platinum – 100,000
    • All included in Diamond level, but with a half-page advertisement in the event program.
    • 4 tickets in total to the congress and benefactors breakfast
    • An individual advertisement in the form of a hanging awning in the conference or dining area.
    • 2 minutes between lectures to present your business to listeners.

In addition to these sponsorship packages we are grateful for any other donations that someone wants to offer. The San Pedro Priestly Fraternity, the International Federation of Una Voce, and the organizers of Summorum Pontificum maintain the right to reject any sponsorship that does not accord with the values ​​of the event.

Laying foundations for the future temple and seminary of the FSSP for Latin America. In the long term we have the desire to establish a seminary for our fraternity that will serve the entire Spanish-speaking world. We very much appreciate any donation you can make towards the fund for this project for the future.